Legal Crime - the debut novel by the thirteen-year-old author

‘This book has much to offer.’ Reedsy Discovery (Rachel Deeming)

‘This complex coming-of-age story blends modern life with a hint of Romeo and Juliet and is a courageous debut by a young author.’ Mary Lanni

‘I could picture the characters and visualise the story… (she) ties up the ends of this story beautifully, which I found to be very enjoyable.’ Betanda Shanam

New name. New look. New identity.

This exciting and captivating page turner transports you into the fascinating story of sixteen-year-old Fiona Watson who runs away from her family, oblivious to the dangers outside her shielded comfort zone. As she journeys through her new world, leaving her past behind and determined to find a new identity, she uncovers surprising secrets buried deep within her long ago...

How do her new friends link to her past? What secrets are they hiding behind their misleading smiles? How much of herself has she really left behind? And how will she cope when she realises that she has made a huge mistake... one that could ruin her forever?

‘A lovely tale of friendship draped in an adventure story, with the theme clearly about identity.’ Whispering Stories

‘This is an amazing accomplishment from someone so young.’ shereedsbythesea

‘A gripping story on the importance of family and the friends you meet along the way.’ Red Lotus Designz

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