This is Samiksha - the thirteen-year-old author of Legal Crime

Official Bio: Samiksha Bhattacharjee is a thirteen-year-old British author living with her parents and younger brother. She started writing 'Legal Crime' when she was seven, and hopes to inspire other children to start creative writing too. She also enjoys acting, singing, drawing and talking (a lot).

‘Legal Crime’ was published when she was 13.

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“My name is Samiksha and I am a thirteen-year-old author. I started writing Legal Crime when I was seven years old (a long time ago now!) and it’s been a long journey. If you want to find out more about my journey and receive emails from all your favourite characters in Legal Crime, subscribe to our newsletter here.

“I live in London (the UK) with my parents and my little brother. In my free time, I love reading (of course!), acting, singing, drawing and talking (a lot). If you would like to contact me, please use the form here or email

“I would love to hear about your comments for my book, and I would appreciate it a lot if you left a (honest) review on sites like Amazon and Goodreads once you have read it. If you didn’t enjoy the book, let me know as well! I want to hear what you thought could be improved. You can also contact me if you would like any book writing tips/ideas or would like me to review your book, especially if you are a teenager like myself.

“When I made the decision to publish Legal Crime (because I was initially just writing it for myself), I was researching about whether a (then) twelve-year-old was allowed to publish a book by law, because I had never read a book (other than fanfiction on sites like Wattpad etc., but does that count?) that was written by a child or even a young teenager. I did find many teenage authors - but not really a single one from Britain.

“This motivated me further, and encouraged me to finish writing the novel and get it published. Now that my book is out, I want to make sure that other British (and indeed, people from other countries) teenagers and older children are encouraged to write books and get them published. There are so many teenagers out there with such great stories that are simply unheard of because teenagers don’t feel that they have the ability to write a book that can be published. If you are doubting yourself, pick up that pen (or electronic device) and start writing/typing. You will amaze yourself! If you’re still unsure, contact me and I will do my best to help you and get you started!

“Thank you for reading this, and remember to leave a review after you read the book, join our newsletter and tell all your friends about Legal Crime.”

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