How did the story of Legal Crime begin?

Find out about how Samiksha started writing her debut novel, Legal Crime.

Samiksha originally wrote the book for herself

“It was never my intention to have Legal Crime as a published book. I was writing it to pass time because, as my fellow insomniacs will know, it’s quite boring to be sitting in bed doing nothing, especially when you can’t sleep!”

She mostly wrote it during night, whenever she had a break from her schoolwork.

“Even though I started writing this book when I was seven years old, most of my progress was made during the first Covid-19 lockdown. I had a lot of classwork and remote schooling was very tough, but I somehow managed to organise my time so that I had enough time to dedicate to the writing of Legal Crime. I don’t think that I would have been able to finish my book if it were not for the lockdown. I think that it has encouraged many people to take up writing as a hobby, and I strongly encourage people to do so as it is a great way to spend time. Who knows? Maybe one day, the whole world will be reading your book :)

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